Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Video Battle Report 1: Malekus, the Burning Truth vs. Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight (Ravens of War)


This is a pretty exciting and new step in my Warmachine journey - I haven't ever tried to produce something like this before, and it was a very interesting process, one that I fully expect will get easier and create better results on each subsequent report.

A couple of points - yes, not we are not playing fully painted. This footage was originally just intended to be test footage to see if the set up worked (hence the goofy lists).

Furthermore, only two of my regular opponents have fully painted armies, and I can only play Circle fully painted (and even then, not always), so there will be unpainted models in these reports - sorry :(

I realized after I had uploaded the report that I had neglected to include the army lists, so here they are:

- Heirophant
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
- Eye of Truth

Wrack x2

Cleansers and CA
Zealots and CA


Lylyth 3
- Neraph
- Seraph
- Bolt Thrower
- Protector

Anyssa Ryssyl
Spell Martyer
Deathstalker x2

Raptors x2

I had commented to my opponent that I didn't think a Lylyth 3 gunline was likely to kill Malekus since most Legion warbeasts have fire typed ranged weapons. In typical fashion, he decided to try and prove me wrong.

Hopefully you enjoy this report, I certainly had fun making it. I'd love constructive feedback on the format if there is any to be had.



  1. The report was good and fun to watch. However, it is kinda sad that the first video battle report on the "druids dice" blog is a menoth battle report. Circle must be in a pretty bad place.

    1. I'm definitely having a rough spot with the faction right now, but this was test footage that I just decided to go ahead and get up anyway. Real Circle battle report coming sometime in the next couple weeks.

  2. I hope that if you do video battle reports you also continue doing text reports to. I am usually at work reading your blog so it would be sad to see you go the Way of the Swan.

    1. Yeah don't worry - blog post = 30 minutes of typing max, video = 8 hours of messing around it seems. There'll be far more written ones than video ones.

    2. I'm in this same boat reading is much easier for me between kids and work. I enjoy all of your work by the way!

    3. Thanks! Don't worry, more written content on the way soon. I've got a couple things to review and hopefully some theory crafting to write about.