Monday, May 8, 2017

Hobby Time: Painting Aspect Markers


A couple of months ago I wrote up a review for the Broken Egg Games Aspect Markers (Which you can read here if you are so inclined, and you can purchase these tokens here if you want to follow along at home), and included a photo at the end with my personal set of painted ones.

I got a LOT of questions regarding how I had done them, but since I was leaving for the ATC the next morning, I just said that I would be writing up a "how to" guide shortly and left it at that.

To my shame, I completely forgot, and so I am writing this up to rectify that. To all of my readers who messaged or commented asking for the guide, I am sorry this took so long. Hopefully it was worth the wait!

I am using exclusively P3 paints and inks for this project, with one exception which will be noted when it comes up.


Step 1:

Don't bother priming these. Apply a layer of red ink to the recesses of the tokens.

Step 2:

Apply a thin layer of Sulfur Yellow to every raised area. Once it is completely dry, check for opacity - you may need a second layer.
 Step 3:

Blend Morrow White into the tip of each "flame" and also to various points on the letters. I used two brush blending for this.

Already you can see the beginnings of fire-like effects after just one highlight.

Step 4:

Apply a thin glaze of Citadel Troll Slayer Orange to the farthest edges from the Morrow White. I recommend a couple of thin glazes accompanied by some blending for best results.

(A Glaze is a very thin paint, similar to a wash but not as wet - apply it in thin layers and blend the edge with a clean, wet brush to achieve this look)

Step 5:

Use Khador Red Base in a very thin glaze or two over about half of the area where Troll Slayer Orange went.

You may also find it necessary to blend some of the Sulfur Yellow back in if you got a little too enthusiastic with the shade colors.

Just like that, you're done!


Step 1:

Again, don't bother priming these! The fifth one at the top is an example of a finished marker.

Apply a Blue Ink to the recesses of each token.

Step 2:

Apply thin layers of Arcane Blue to the raised areas until you have a nice, opaque coat. Should take about two goes.

Let the paint dry completely between each layer.

Again, the top right one is a finished token.

Step 3:

Blend Morrow White into the tips, just like with the Body tokens. The smoother your blend the better.

This should also be used to highlight the letters of "Mind".

Step 4:

Take a glaze of Cygnar Blue Base and apply it to the areas farthest from the White, and also on the letters.

I believe it took two thin glazes to get the saturation to where I was happy with it for these ones.


Step 1:

Don't prime them, and apply a Green Ink to the sunken areas. The far right token is a finished one for comparison.

Step 2:

Apply a couple of thin coats of Wurm Green to the raised areas. Again, you want a nice opaque coat, so apply multiple, thin layers, and let them dry between each one.

Step 3:

Blend Morrow White into the tips, as you did for the other two aspects. At the same time, add highlights to the letters with the white paint.

Step 4:

Take Gnarls Green and apply a few layers of thin glaze to the far edges of the "flames" and also to the letters of "Spirit" to make the words pop.

I recommend finishing these off with a Matte spray varnish to protect the paint.

Here are a couple of group shots - I spent far, far too long staring at these under the lamp before snapping out of the trance. The colors are just so pretty!

These techniques can be used on all kinds of wooden tokens, and are quite enjoyable too! It's nice to spend 10-15 minutes on something and have it be done rather than spending hours and hours on a model.

The added color really makes them pop on the table, and also makes them easier to pick out of my tokens bin.

Hopefully this was useful - sorry it took so long to get made!

Thanks for reading :)

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